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Reports can be distributed in any required format, suitable for direct analysis or incorporation into documents. A series of built-in report formats provide immediate access to your xpd data; while custom formats support output flexibility.
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"The day-to-day challenges I face as head of a middle-sized company can sometimes keep me from staying on top of details. xpdtime has given me both the time I need to focus on profitable endeavors, and the confidence that the details are being handled."

Expense Tracking Software

The Easy Way to File, Track and Manage Expense Reports

Augments paper-based systems
Accounting system synchronization
Digital signatures
Universal web access

Managing staff business expenses diligently and efficiently is a key contributor to the financial health of an organization. Yet often, expense report filing and approval becomes a cumbersome chore for everyone involved. And having a comprehensive process for tracking and managing expense reporting proves elusive.

xpdexpense, a powerful yet easy-to-use Web-based tool from xpdient, brings simplicity and a disciplined management framework to expense reporting. With xpdexpense, employees easily compose reports using screen templates and menus, managers review and approve reports online, and accounting departments execute and track payments - all within a single, secure system.

Simplify, speed up expense reporting.
Expense reports are one of the things that no one seems to have time for, given their busy days and hectic travel schedules. Employees struggle to produce them in a timely fashion, and supervisors find it a challenge to review and approve them promptly. xpdexpense takes the hassle and tedium out of the process, providing a simple, menu-based system that lets employees click their way through expense reports. Supervisors and accounting departments review reports on screen, instead of leafing through stapled reports and receipts. And everyone can do this from everywhere, via xpdexpense's easy-to-use Web interface.

Track, gain control over expense activity.
With xpdexpense, you can track employee-incurred business expenses with the specificity you need to manage budgets by individual, by team, by department and at the enterprise level. xpdexpense also lets you track costs by project or by contract. Tailor xpdexpense to your administrative needs by using the easily customizable reporting and data entry fields.

Add security in reporting, approval.
Expense reports can be subject to loss, tampering, misuse or even fraud. With xpdexpense, your expense recording and authorization systems are protected from these liabilities. Only those authorized via passwords are able to create expense reports. Passwords also control supervisors' and accounting staff access to reports. xpdexpense's digital signature feature adds yet another layer of security for those filing and reviewing reports.

xpdtime: A Full Lineup of Features
Accounting system synchronization
xpdexpense synchronizes with popular accounting systems. It also synchronizes with Microsoft Project and exports and imports with applications that accept Microsoft Excel files.
Complementary to paper-based systems
Even for organizations that require submittal of receipts and a paper expense report, xpdexpense provides both an efficient way to generate printed reports as well as an automated process to simplify approvals, processing and tracking.
Meet DCAA requirements
To meet the Defense Contract Audit Agency's CAS (Cost Accounting Standards) and FAR (Federal Acquisition Regulations) requirements, xpdexpense enables government per diem expense monitoring, among other capabilities.
Customizable tracking fields
Use the standard expense fields (such as business trip, relocation, etc.) or define new categories within xpdexpense that meet your organization's needs.
Digital signatures
xpdexpense provides employees, supervisors and accounting staff with secure, digital signatures.
Reimbursement options
xpdexpense lets employees choose to have expense reimbursements added to their paychecks. Or they can ask for checks to be routed to their home, office or any location that they specify.
Universal access
xpdexpense operates as a stand-alone Web-based service, with no installation, integration, maintenance or on-site hosting required.
To prevent access from unauthorized internal or external sources, xpdexpense offers user-selected permission levels along with user IDs and passwords for the project team and for clients. xpdexpense is hosted at a remote secure server site. For redundancy, a backup site is mirrored in another facility at another location.
Cost effectiveness
xpdexpense user licenses cost just pennies per day per user. You can add or cancel licenses at any time.

expense reporting software

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Reviewing Time and Status
Reviewing an employee's time and status is always simple and always available. As long as you have an internet connection, you can view all xpdtime information - from anywhere in the world, at any time of day. Need to see what your team has done on a specific project for a specific day? xpdtime makes that information instantly accessible, and keeps you on track to accomplish project deadlines and deliverables.
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