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Cost savings are assured with conversion to xpdtime. A paper-free system cuts down on waste, paper handling and the attendant costs. Expenses are electronically transmitted into xpdtime locally or from remote locations without error.
Our Customers Say...
"As a COTR, xpdtime has made access to data such as Budget, Schedule, Resources, Deliverables available to me in real-time. I can view what was done on any task on any day or week. I have access to all present and past deliverables and necessary project information. Also, xpdtime is on the Web which makes it more accessible."

xpdwireless - From now on, your office goes with you!

xpdwireless is the leader in time and expense software for the cell phone.

wireless time and attendanceWith the growing scope of today's companies and with more and more companies operating internationally, its important to put information in one place, accessible from anywhere, anytime. xpdwireless does just that.

With our unique business automation software now available via wireless technology, it is even easier for your organization to deliver only positive results on the way to success. Cutback on unnecessary time and money expenditures and on redundant business processes. Our full-color dynamic wireless interface is fast, easy and efficient, and simply places complex tasks at your fingertips.

Employees can now report time, progress & expense. And managers can now track project progress from the road, eliminating the need to lug around a laptop or search for network connections in inopportune locations. And xpdwireless doesn't require an expensive new generation cell phone to function - any web-enabled phone will do.

Time and Attendance
xpdwireless gives you complete time and attendance capability. With its unique interface and common-sense approach, xpdwireless not only allows you to enter time and progress, but offers a complete timesheet right on your phone, including holiday, leave, and overtime factored into the totals. And time can be entered into the system any number of ways - including an impressive Crew Time Entry system allowing for either a simple or detailed account of each individual, and a daily planner method.

Project Management
xpdwireless provides first-rate personnel and project information - including personnel photos and all project assignments. There's no guesswork with xpdwireless. All your important names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and more are right there in the Corporate Directory and Customer areas of the application.

Record expenses through xpdwireless, receive While You Were Out messages right away, send interoffice notes, and attach your thoughts to project and customer files. All from your cell phone!

wireless expense reportsWireless Technology
And on top of all this great functionality, you can rest easy about your phone memory. Since xpdwireless is wireless web-based, there's nothing to load onto your phone. Nothing to take away valuable phone memory, or get in the way of your personalized menus. xpdwireless is invisible, until you need it. When you need it, you will find the most comprehensive list of business automation tools cell phone technology has ever seen.

xpdwireless is the natural extension of your business culture - the one you have been waiting for!

wireless timesheet

xpdwireless facts
Ease of Navigation
xpdwireless is driven by your cell phone's numeric keypad. When you're not entering specific data, traveling through the application is as simple as pressing a single number! You are immediately taken where you want to go. Nothing could be easier.

Unique Display
xpdwireless is dynamic and vibrant. The screens are not boring and hard to read, and since everything is menu driven and colorful, information is displayed in an easily readable fashion. xpdwireless requires a minimum of scrolling, and uses its bright, clear display to emphasize each important feature.

Universal Connection
xpdwireless requires no special or additional software to connect to your phone. if your phone is web-enabled and you've turned had your provider turn the feature on for you, then you have everything you need to connect to xpdwireless. You don't need to install a thing. And xpdwireless doesn't use a single byte of cell phone memory.

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