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Tracking Expenses
With xpdtime, you can track employee-incurred business expenses with the specificity you need to manage budgets by individual, by team, by department and at the enterprise level. xpdtime also lets you track costs by project or by contract. Tailor xpdtime to your administrative needs by using the easily customizable reporting and data entry fields.

GSA Contract

Contract Number: GS-25F-0192M
Contract Period: August 1, 2002 through August 1, 2007
SIN: 50-180 Time and Attendance Program Systems

Includes analog and digital Time and Attendance Program Systems. It includes the traditional time clock that gives the employee the option to manually clock in. The digital version delivers accurate attendance and a host of capabilities which allows the manager to track time and attendance through network compatible software right from their PC, enter the office by using a pin number and the employee is automatically clocked in. Perfect for organizations with contractors to track - paid and non-paid breaks. Payroll accounting system may be available. Through this GSA contract, SSSI offers xpdoffice™ to government entities as a solution to internal timekeeping and reporting needs as well as a more efficient means of capturing contractor data.

xpdoffice™ Description
xpdoffice™ is a powerful web-enabled system that offers an intuitive platform for any aspect of online timesheet data entry, collection, approval, status, and expense reporting. xpdoffice™ provides organizations with a complete system that monitors, evaluates and reports contract and job data at task, subtask, or deliverable levels, identifying discrepancies in actual vs. planned expenditures and schedules. An online signature and approval feature expedites the submittal process. Simultaneously, an electronic audit trail is generated consistently and automatically, so that any organization is prepared for response in a regulated environment, including DCAA compliance requirements. Reports can be distributed in any required format, suitable for incorporation into other documents or direct analysis. A series of built-in report formats provide immediate access to your xpdtime™ data; while custom formats support complete flexibility in output. Specific elements of xpdoffice™ are available for Employees, Managers, Administrators, Human Resources, and Contract Management specialists.

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