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As Your Business Grows
xpdtime was designed so that small and mid-sized businesses could compete with larger entities, without stretching their budget. xpdtime is cost-effective and innovative and is designed so that you can decide what best suits your needs now, and upgrade as your future demands. For example, expense reporting, and time and attendance are easily added to and can incorporate all of xpdoffice, if needed, as your business grows.

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Generate comprehensive, real-time reports.
Time records should be easy to access, in real-time. Employees can check the approved hours they've billed, and see how much leave time they have available. Supervisors, HR managers and the payroll department can track daily and cumulative hours billed and leave taken.

DCAA compliance
Synchronization accounting systems
Electronic signatures
Universal web access
Expense report filing
Leave request and tracking

Tightly manage time for increased ROI
With time as your organization's most precious resource, you need an easy-to-use tool that lets everyone easily record and manage time in a single, seamless process. A tool that lets employees enter time and apply for leave, a tool that lets managers view and approve time records as they are entered. xpdtime is the tool that gives organizations the ease of data entry and clear up-to-the-minute accounting for time that enables the proactive management needed to maximize return on investment.

Add security in reporting, approval
Expense reports can be subject to loss, tampering, misuse or even fraud. With xpdexpense, your expense recording and authorization systems are protected from these liabilities. Only those authorized via passwords are able to create expense reports. Passwords also control supervisors, and accounting staff access to reports. The digital signature feature adds yet another layer of security for those filing and reviewing reports.

Augments paper-based systems
Accounting system synchronization
Digital signatures
Universal web access


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