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March 31, 2003 - Columbia, MD
xpdientinc Adds Data Integration Capability with QuickBooks® 2003 Products to Its xpdoffice™ Product
Data Sharing with QuickBooks Helps Small Businesses Save Time & Money
COLUMBIA, MD: xpdientinc today announced that xpdoffice™, the innovative and affordable web based productivity software package, has added data integration capabilities with QuickBooks® 2002 and 2003 products ­ including QuickBooks Pro 2003, QuickBooks Premier 2003 and QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions 2.0, easy to use financial management solutions for small businesses with simple to more complex needs. xpdientinc customers can now synchronize payroll, customer, expense, vendor, contract, financial information and other related items with QuickBooks data by clicking a single button. The synchronizer downloads easily, and promotes accurate and complete transfers. xpdientinc is a division of Scientific Systems and Software International Corporation (SSSI).
"We are very excited to add this important capability to our xpdoffice™ product," stated Nayab Siddiqui, President of SSSI. "Our customer base of midsize and emerging companies has been requesting just such a tool, and we are pleased to release a new version with these tools."
The integration synchronizer opens up new capabilities for QuickBooks customers using 2002 and above level products (except QuickBooks Basic 2002 and 2003). xpdoffice™ users now have an additional reason to consider QuickBooks as their accounting package. All xpdientinc products are available for purchase right now, and feature a simple interface.
"We are thrilled that xpdientinc is participating in the Intuit Developer Network and is enabling data sharing between xpdoffice™ and the QuickBooks 2002 and 2003 products," said Mark Bercow, vice president of the Intuit Developer Network. "Our relationship with xpdientinc will help us better meet the specific industry needs of our small business customers."
About SSSI
Scientific Systems and Software International Corporation (SSSI), a multifaceted organization, has been offering a wide variety of products and services over the past 18 years. SSSI approaches its web-based, database, development, and training projects with highly qualified staff, the latest tools, newest technologies and a solid management team. Combining proprietary software packages with outstanding consulting capabilities allows SSSI to provide client organizations with systems solutions, knowledge management initiatives, performance enhancement tools, and unparalleled training services. Many of its products are web-based, leveraging the power of the Internet to simplify and document many business processes in a variety of environments. SSSI software packages provide customers with capabilities such as timesheet and status reporting, total web site content management, professional Intranet deployment in 24-hours, and web-based training, among others.
For More Information Contact:
Dana Goodrich
Director, Business Development
SSSI, 410-715-5700
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