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July 7, 2005 - Columbia, MD
xpdient, Inc. Expands Its Set of Wireless Solution Features
Newest xpdwireless Tools Enable Remote Expense Reporting, Project Management, and Corporate Directory Access
COLUMBIA, Md., July 7 /PRNewswire/ -- xpdient, Inc., a subsidiary of Scientific Systems and Software International Corp. (SSSI), announced the addition of new features for xpdwireless', which offers remote access interfacing for its xpdoffice® business automation software.
The new features of xpdwireless further empower mobile professionals to access and maintain control over their operations via cellular phones and Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs). "In addition to our time and attendance capabilities, our vastly expanded feature set for xpdwireless enables managers and employees to have anytime, anywhere access to their full set of project, expense and human resources records," said A. Nayab Siddiqui, President of xpdient.
The new xpdwireless features include:
- Expense reporting: users can create, edit, review and post expense reports through their mobile devices from anywhere. This removes processing bottlenecks and slow-downs that occur because of employee mobility and travel.

- Project-personnel management: now, through wireless access, teams can view project data, task status, and time spent on each task. Project managers can input crew hours and also have access to real-time project data - enabling optimum staff and resource management. The feature is especially beneficial for construction site management in the field.

- Daily activity planner/timesheet: employee time and task completion can be entered and time-stamped. Busy, mobile professionals save time and ensure more accurate data entry of all activities. Field service crews, in particular, benefit from this capability.

- Personnel/contact directory: xpdwireless provides instant access to employees' complete names, addresses, telephone and email contacts, along with their photographs and ID badge numbers. Companies improve security and eliminate time wasted for searching and verifying data.

xpdwireless version 2.1 works with all cell phones with web service through any major U.S. cellular service provider including AT&T Wireless/Cingular, Sprint PCS and Verizon.

All of these new features draw upon the expanding capabilities of xpdient, Inc.'s xpdoffice Business Automation Solution. "xpdoffice provides a comprehensive enterprise-wide solution-letting companies simplify and streamline timesheet management, project management, purchasing, contracts and other essential functions," said Siddiqui.

xpdoffice is available as a full package or in individual modules.

About xpdient inc
xpdient inc is an independent operating company of Scientific Systems & Software International (SSSI), offering a suite of products including: (1) xpdoffice™, a business automation solution featuring integrated time and project tracking, contract management, and human capital management systems (2) webZerve™, a web site management, auditing, and content quality control system and (3) intraReady™, an off-the-shelf web site and secured Intranet site development software solution.

xpdient inc combines proprietary software packages and development services with outstanding consulting capabilities through SSSI - providing client organizations with systems solutions, knowledge management and performance enhancement tools, as well as unparalleled technical and desktop training services. xpdient's corporate headquarters are in Columbia, Md. For more information, visit www.xpdient.com ,www.sssi.net or www.xpdoffice.com .

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  5950 Symphony Woods Rd, Suite 608 / Columbia. Maryland 21044 / 410-715-5700, ext.264
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