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September 9, 2003 - Columbia, MD
Powerful Feature for Actual vs. Budget Project Analysis Added to xpdoffice™
Unique Display of Project Progress and Analysis Added to Package
COLUMBIA, MD: xpdient software today announced the release of Version 6.9 of xpdoffice™, incorporating the latest in project management technologies. Project Managers can now view a unique graphical representation of the effort consumed in task or project completion in real-time with the addition of our Actual vs. Budgeted and Percent Completed feature. It factors employee experience and a perception of work vs. time into an accurate estimate of task or project progress. xpdoffice™ users can now refer to a single chart for critical path analysis. Tasks consuming more resources than planned display a warning to adjust time estimates to 100% task completion. xpdient software, the developer of the xpdoffice™ enterprise productivity suite, is a Division of Scientific Systems and Software International Corporation (SSSI).
"We feel that Actual vs. Budget and Percent Completed is a unique feature in the industry, and we are proud to release it in our xpdoffice™ product," stated A. Nayab Siddiqui, President of SSSI. "Our customers can now visually determine progress on tasks, jobs and projects, even on an overall organizational level. With the addition of this feature, now Government Agencies and Prime Contractors will be able to use xpdoffice™ more effectively for their Earned Value Management initiatives."
xpdoffice™ also tracks regular time and overtime charged, and displays a time available balance on each assignment.
About SSSI
Scientific Systems and Software International Corporation (SSSI), a multifaceted organization, has been offering a wide variety of products and services over the past 18 years. SSSI approaches its web-based, database, development, and training projects with highly qualified staff, the latest tools, newest technologies and a solid management team. Combining proprietary software packages with outstanding consulting capabilities allows SSSI to provide client organizations with systems solutions, knowledge management initiatives, performance enhancement tools, and unparalleled training services. Many of its products are web-based, leveraging the power of the Internet to simplify and document many business processes in a variety of environments. SSSI software packages provide customers with capabilities such as timesheet and status reporting, total web site content management, professional Intranet deployment in 24-hours, and web-based training, among others.
For more information please contact Dana Goodrich, Business Development Manager, or Sales at 410-715-5700, extension 239.
  5950 Symphony Woods Rd, Suite 608 / Columbia. Maryland 21044 / 410-715-5700, ext.264
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