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Timesheets are completed once, and your data is automatically updated. Simultaneous status reports manage your workload and project timelines. Online signature and approval accelerates timesheet and expense report submissions. An electronic audit trail is generated, so that any organization is prepared to respond in any regulated environment, including DCAA compliance.
Our Customers Say...
"Getting reimbursed used to be a problem, and it used to take forever to get paid. But with xpdtime, as soon as I have finished my expense report for the month, I can electronically sign it and send it right to headquarters. My check is in the mail that same day."

Web Based Timesheet Software

xpdtime offers a powerful array of features:
Accounting system synchronization
xpdtime timesheet software synchronizes with many accounting systems such as Peachtree, QuickBooks, and Great Plains as well as ERP systems. xpdtime will also sync with Microsoft Project and also exports and imports with applications that accept Microsoft Excel files.

DCAA standards
xpdtime is compliant with DCAA (Defense Contract Audit Agency) Cost Accounting Standards and Federal Acquisition Regulations by supporting DCAA compliance for direct/indirect cost segregation, and audit trails for electronic timesheet changes.

Task-based time capture
Time and attendance tracking is task-based with xpdtime, so employees can designate hours by project, job and task.

Scheduling and tracking leave
xpdtime makes it easy for employees to submit leave requests and it allows supervisors to approve them. All within the application.

Filing Expense reports
xpdtime enables quick electronic filing and approval of expense reports no matter where employees or their managers are located.

Electronic timesheet approval
xpdtime provides authorized users the convenience of making a digital signature to timesheets and expense reports. Password-approved users are able to sign timesheets, expense reports and leave requests.

Universal access
Since xpdtime operates as a stand-alone web-based timesheet service there is no installation, integration, or maintenance required.

To prevent access from unauthorized sources (internal or external), xpdtime provides user-selected permission levels along with unique user Ids and passwords for the project team and clients. xpdtime is hosted at a remote secure server site. For redundancy, a backup site is mirrored in another facility at another location.

Cost effectiveness
User licenses cost only pennies per user per day. Licenses can be added or cancelled at any time.


xpdtime fact
The proven solution!
xpdtime is a proven solution, with successful deployments in commercial enterprises as well as in government agencies. xpdtime works seamlessly with other popular applications to bring efficiencies to timesheet, human resources and other vital and typically time management business functions. To find out more about xpdtime or to schedule a demonstration, call 888/777-4638.
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