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Expedient task management makes or breaks any project for an individual or an organization. Centralizing every aspect of every task supports efficient completion of your overall project. All of your time is focused on task resolution and all tasks are addressed. xpdtime interfaces with Microsoft Office Suite software, enabling automated data entry and reporting.
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"Our employees are our most important asset! xpdtime let's us keep track of things that are important to them - not just the numbers and bottom lines, but those things that make a real difference in the work experience for people. xpdoffice helps define our organizational culture by being flexible enough to satisfy our most specific needs."

Time and Attendance System for Dynamic Businesses

How long does it take your employees to enter their time worked?

How much time are you spending collecting handwritten or punch card data, re-keying it, dealing with mistakes, and forwarding it to your payroll, accounting and HR departments?

With web based time and attendance systems, you can eliminate these kinds of productivity losses and mistakes. Even better, you can quickly install and begin using these systems in a matter of days.

Today's web based time and attendance system provides a convenient, yet powerful and secure framework for carefully capturing the employee time data through employees' desktop or laptop computers, through kiosks or even through identification badges. The result: you can better manage projects, control costs, and streamline the processing of time records.

The leading time and attendance solution for enterprises of all sizes

Pains of Manual Time & Attendance Management
If you are not using best-of-breed automated, secure and auditable web based time and attendance tracking software, you are vulnerable to a whole host of avoidable productivity losses and cost burdens that can add up to hundreds of wasted hours and thousands of dollars of unnecessary costs every pay period:
Data entry errors
Manual and paper-based systems are data entry minefields - error rates of 2% are typical - costing thousands of dollars and hours of time.
Cumbersome processing
Manual systems depend on filling out and routing of paper documents that are easily lost, misread and slow to be processed ­ taking 2 to 10 minutes per employee per pay period. Multiply this by the number of your employees, and you can see how quickly wasted time adds up.
Payroll overpayments, underpayments
Because they are error-prone, manual systems invariably result in either overpayments or underpayments that quickly run into thousands of dollars.
Pay rule/government regulation complexities
Once time data is captured, then organizations have to wrestle with government mandates such as the Family & Medical Leave Act and complex pay rules.
Labor allocation limitations
Manual systems lag behind work activity and impede prompt reporting, so management ends up under-serving some assignments and over-staffing others.
Lack of real-time data
Manual systems unable to provide timely information that management needs to avert problems, and payroll departments must respond to frequent inquiries from employees and managers.
Grievance liabilities
When pay rules are inconsistently applied, and records are subject to errors, loss or tampering, organizations are vulnerable to employee grievance filings.
Multi-location challenges
The headaches of manual processing are made even worse when organizations have to collect and oversee data from dispersed locations.

Gains From an Automated Time & Attendance Solution
With a web based enterprise-level time and attendance system such as xpdtime, organizations sweep away inefficient processes that waste time and money.
Eliminate errors
When data is entered only once and re-keying is eliminated, timekeeping input errors are all but eliminated. Automated systems also prevent errors through built-in logic.
Minimized manual processing
Automated time and attendance tracking software renders as obsolete the manual handling and verification of paper time records.
time and attendance tracking softwareSave time
By capturing time data once and automating the progression of data entries through required approvals, organizations slash data entry and processing time.
Automate pay rule/compliance
An automated time and attendance solution lets you encode employee pay and leave policies and automatically address regulations such as the Family & Medical Leave Act.
Allocate work efficiently
Automated time and attendance management allows managers to assign work based on real-time data on task status and hours or budget consumed.
Generate real-time reports
Web based time and attendance systems allow managers and employees to check on time and attendance data whenever they wish.
Make transactions secure, auditable
Web based time and attendance tracking systems time-stamp all data entries and approvals. Also, employees and managers sign off on entries via secure digital signatures.
Access from anywhere
Web based time and attendance systems are accessible by all authorized personnel at all times and from nearly any location.
The automated time and attendance solution (xpdtime) seamlessly integrates with payroll systems and freely exchange data with other key systems, such as accounting and HR.

xpdtime Features
· DCAA compliance
· Task-based time capture
· Expense reporting
· Accounting system synchronization
· Microsoft Project synchronization
· Leave scheduling/tracking
· Electronic approvals
· Email notifications
· Workstation/kiosk/ID badge data entry

xpdtime™ is a proven solution, with successful deployments in commercial enterprises as well as in government agencies. xpdtime™ works seamlessly with other popular applications to bring efficiencies to timesheet, human resources and other vital and typically time-consuming business functions. xpdtime licenses are available with a money-back guarantee. To find out more about xpdtime™ or to schedule a demonstration, call 888/777-4638. Or visit www.xpdoffice.com

xpdtime™ - The leading time and attendance solution for enterprises of all sizes
time and attendance management screenshotxpdtime™ is a unified web-based solution that fully addresses organizations' need for a powerful yet easy-to-use system. xpdtime™ cost effectively addresses the needs of organizations of all sizes - from those as small as 30-40 employees up to global enterprises with many thousands of employees. Addressing all of the key functionality of automated time & attendance solutions, xpdtime™ also includes powerful features such as DCAA compliance - a critical need for U.S. government contractors. Delivered as an ASP solution or hosted on your site, xpdtime™ integrates quickly and easily with popular accounting, human resource and payroll systems. With its simple and intuitive graphical interface, staff can learn to use xpdtime™ almost immediately.

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FMLA Requirements
xpdtime is the right choice to provide and track FMLA requirements in your organization Dealing with FMLA provisions can be complicated and sometimes difficult to keep track of. There are so many variations and possibilities. xpdoffice makes it easy. You can customize various types of leave to satisfy your organization's requirements as well as FMLA standards.
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