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With xpdtime, accomplishments and achievements are permanently documented as status reports. An entire year of activity is instantly evaluated on an objective basis, and can be re-evaluated even five years later.
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"We spent most of our time checking everyone's math, including our own. But xpdtime changed that. It is entirely accurate and we are able to put confidence in the accuracy of all the totals and calculations. As a result, we've saved great deal of time and money every pay period, and error-free at that. Thanks to xpdtime, payroll isn't a problem for us any longer."

Time Cards to Time Sheets

A personal view of the time sheet process as it has evolved
Going from a traditional hand-entry time sheet to an electronic web based time sheet application seemed like it would have to be a difficult adjustment. It wasn't, but at the time, it seemed like at the very least, it was going to be one of those things that made life easy for accountants and more difficult for the rest of us. I definitely mistrusted it, I could not see how it would really make my work life one bit easier. But then, it certainly wouldn't be any more difficult than the existing paper time sheet system - the infamous yellow time sheet.

The infamous yellow time sheet
The infamous yellow time sheet did take me quite a while to understand. It wasn't like the old time cards you slid through the time clock with the comfortable sound of crashing metal permanently embossing my time forever on a cardboard time card. That felt so permanent. That was also a thing of the past for me when the "big yellow monster" entered my life.

The yellow time sheet provided a place for all sorts of personal information including things like employee number, department number, supervisor's name, manager's name, task name, charge numbers - just to mention a few. And for every pay period my time sheet required me to write all this information and more. And everything had to be exactly right. Somewhere almost hidden on that yellow time sheet, was a place for my hours worked. Wasn't that supposed to be the reason I was filling it out? To record my time?

The yellow time sheet was passed out during the beginning of every pay period, and had to be kept safely in my drawer for daily entry. Somewhere where it wouldn't get lost among other papers, leaky pens, or my lunch. It was the most important paperwork of my week. Without total completion and total perfection, I wasn't getting paid. Without a proper reporting of my time, who would know what to pay me? I couldn't just tell them I was there - "don't worry about it, trust me ­ just sign the time card."

Daily status reports
And on top of everything else, our company required daily status reports. It wasn't the worst thing in the world to report your status and how your time was divided between various assigned tasks, but it was another form - separate from the time sheet. If I spent 2 hours time on a specific task, and 6 hours time on another, on Wednesday the 14th of the month, my time sheet needed to reflect that time and attendance exactly. If I missed a day's status or marked my time sheet in such a way as it didn't match my daily status report, then I was lost. Doomed forever in a sea of time sheet accountability.

Its not as if my employer wanted me lost in this sea of time sheet accountability. In fact, they would have been just as happy to approve my time card anyway - my veracity was never in question. But they had people to answer to - namely, clients. Clients who needed to know exactly how many hours were spent on their jobs, and what was accomplished during the time I recorded. For these clients, both government and private sector organizations, my time sheet was their window to the project. They could keep track of how things were going, and determine whether they were on schedule or not. They could use the information from my big yellow time sheet and my status report to develop accurate predictions for the task's future. They could determine the project timeline accurately. Reports could be generated. My time sheet was of the utmost importance to them. And that meant that my time sheet wasn't going to be approved if it wasn't in order.

Everyone makes mistakes!
Since everyone makes mistakes, my time sheet was not immune to a series of initialed changes and erasures due to my own errors. There were pay periods when I couldn't even add correctly. I'd look at those numbers, all divided into blocks of time, floating in just the right places on a sea of yellow, and I would see the correct number of hours ­ all clocked in perfectly. My perfect time sheet was a work of art. Except that I would miss things. To my trained but hurried eye, everything was fine. I would swear I added everything correctly. My time sheet was perfect! Until someone from another department upstairs would show up, yellow time sheet in hand, a look of frustration, and the always polite "your time sheet isn't right."

My unapproved time sheet was missing this or that and I was required to "initial these hours, please." Perhaps I just forgot to sign the thing. Each of those embarrassing total wastes of time only prolonged every process and had to make my long-suffering friends in accounting want to strangle all of us. Because it was never only me - time sheets were finding their way back to employees quite regularly. Of course, the first reaction is to defend what you've written, as if accounting would return your time sheet just to make you crazy. It couldn't have been my fault again, could it? Was I so stupid not to be able to fill out a simple time sheet?

Of course, it isn't a matter of stupidity, and it wasn't a simple time sheet, was it? If it was so simple, I would have mastered it better, and my friends in accounting wouldn't have to be so understanding all the time. There had to be a better way - perhaps something more automated - a time sheet without so much human error built into it. A time sheet that required only the barest of input from me. Where my name, employee number, social security number, department designation, section information, address and phone, customer, contract and task information, pay period information, and all the rest was already done for me ahead of time. That's the kind of time sheet a guy can really appreciate!

A time sheet that merges my status reporting requirement right there with the actual hours I worked. A time sheet that required only a few seconds of my time each day, and would automatically sign itself for me at the end of the week. A time sheet that wouldn't get lost or wrinkled; that wasn't full of confusing initials whenever something strange happened on the project. A time sheet I didn't have to worry about all the time. A time sheet that didn't make me look stupid as I diligently tried to make it perfect.

Enter xpdtime time sheet
Then along came xpdtime. It was reassuring to know that someone higher up the corporate ladder was feeling the same pain as I was, because xpdoffice promised to take that pain away. And it did.

Because it was web-based, I could access my time sheet from anywhere. Whether I was at home or in the field, I could access my time sheet right then and there and record accurate information quickly - for specific tasks. And I no longer had to figure out customer numbers, or task assignment numbers, or whether I was going to go over the allotted amount of time for a given task - xpdoffice already figured all that out for me. I didn't have to even enter my name. No more department blanks to fill in, or charge numbers to remember. And my status report was incorporated right into the time sheet application. All I had to do was log in, and then enter the number of hours spent as they related to specific tasks. Entering time took seconds. Adding a status report for each task worked became easy. No more time wasted looking for the actual physical yellow time sheet. No more calls from upstairs, and questions about why I did what I did. No more comparing my status report with the time sheet, or the time sheet with correctly assigned tasks.

xpdtime created my personal profile, including all the pertinent information about who I am and to whom I am assigned. It includes my personal employee number, the date of the current time sheet, and my section and department information. My xpdoffice time sheet application also lets my manager assign whatever tasks he wishes, directly to me. And as soon as he clicks submit, my time sheet reflects those additions. My manager can even determine how many hours he wants me to work on a certain project, and notification is made when I exceed them. My time sheet doesn't even need to be signed or approved to make the current up-to-the-minute data available for project analysis and needed timely reports. And best of all, my time sheet only takes a couple of minutes of my precious time each day.

I haven't received a visit from accounting yet about my time sheet since we started using xpdoffice. All totals are computed without my involvement. All I need to do is make sure my time is recorded on the right day and my xpdoffice time sheet takes care of everything else. It even computes the percent complete for the hours assigned to me on any given task. Holidays are already marked, so there's no forgetting those, and I can apply for and receive leave approval instantly through my xpdoffice web based time sheet.

My old yellow paper time sheet was cumbersome, even if it was just one sheet of paper. It was difficult to work with, and easy to lose. My old yellow time sheet required me to be accurate and didn't allow for any forgetfulness or incorrect addition. My xpdoffice web based time sheet takes care of my addition for me, and guarantees the accuracy of my time sheet.

And I can check the web based time sheet from several different views. I can see my daily entries, including my daily status reports, for any day of the year. I can view the entire week, if I like, or the entire pay period. My time sheet is available to me and my corporate officers to overview at any given moment and will be as complete as my last entry. And when my time sheet is due at the end of the pay period, a click of the button will electronically sign it for me and notify my immediate superior that it has been completed and is waiting for approval.

But my new xpdoffice web based time sheet is more than just a simple time sheet. From my xpdoffice time sheet, I can work with and submit my expense report, create requisitions, handle my correspondence, and work with contracts and projects on whatever level I need. I can keep in touch with deliverables and reports as required, and I can manage my time more effectively.

Now, I can hardly remember the big yellow time sheet. It seems like so long ago - an unwanted relic, full of inaccuracies and wasted time. The old yellow paper time sheet was my master, but no longer. Thanks to xpdoffice, my time sheet gives me more time to actually work - less time spent fixing mistakes. My new xpdoffice web based time sheet improves my productivity and give me the flexibility to concentrate on what is truly important - the needs of my clients.

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xpdtime is a unified web-based solution that fully addresses an organizations' need for a powerful yet easy-to-use system. xpdtime cost effectively addresses the needs of organizations of all sizes - from those as small as 30-40 employees up to global enterprises with many thousands of employees. Addressing all of the key functionality of automated time & attendance solutions, xpdtime also includes powerful features such as DCAA compliance - a critical need for U.S. government contractors.
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