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If you're a small or mid-sized organization, you may have begun to feel frustrated by the limitations of your existing timesheet application. Your resources are probably limited, but your growth hinges on adopting flexible, cost-saving solutions for project management, expense reporting, and time and attendance. Solutions that will fit today's needs, but will also be adaptable enough to fit your needs in the future. xpdtime addresses the key challenges facing small and mid-sized organizations, and we have the experience to help you grow and thrive in today's marketplace.
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"We achieve enhanced results on or investments in people and productivity tool with xpdoffice™. We're seeing increases all across the board. I can run my enterprise from a single interface - from anywhere in the field - anywhere in the world."

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question which you don't see handled below, please feel free to send an email to us at xpdwireless@sssi.net.

Q How do I upgrade my xpdtime when new functionality is added?
A It is automatic. Because xpdtime is web-based, you never have to worry about versions or upgrades of any kind. As new functionality is added, it automatically finds its way to your application - without charge or worry.

Q We use QuickBooks. Is there a way to share information with xpdtime?
A Yes. xpdtime synchronizes with a number of popular accounting packages - including QuickBooks, Great Plains, and others.

Q We have many different kinds of leave. How many can xpdtime handle?
A As many as you like. xpdtime makes it easy to add a leave category and to define it any way you need. Including comp time features, a full holiday set-up and leave without pay. xpdtime will fit your needs precisely.

Q Does our company need to change its pay period for xpdtime to work?
A Absolutely not. xpdtime will work with any pay period. Weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly, monthly... xpdtime is totally flexible.

Q I need to reimburse people quickly on the expense reports. How can xpdtime help?
A Yes. xpdtime reports all expense entries immediately to the database, and as soon as it has been entered, it is available for processing. It is only a matter of how quickly can you hand out the reimbursement, xpdtime is always accurate and up-to-date.

Q Is it possible to enter a daily status report or progress report along with my daily time entries?
A Yes. xpdtime is a full-service timesheet, and makes definite provisions for status reporting based on task assignment. Not only can each day be detailed and reported, but it can be broken down by task as well.

Q I need a timesheet application that will tie together several locations successfully. Will xpdtime do that for us?
A Yes. xpdtime is web-based, so it can be a accessed from anywhere at any time. Your personnel can report their time daily from branch offices or from the field. xpdtime places submitted information into a central database, that is immediately available to the right people at the home office. xpdtime was designed with this very need in mind.


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